Three new services for small businesses

This week I’ve managed to do something I’ve been wanting to do since I started my career in Web development over 15 years ago. I’ve launched a suite of affordable, fixed-price, essential services for small businesses to help with websites, hosting and email marketing. Ever since I got my first big contract back in the heady days of [...]

WordPress has dominated content management – what next?

WordPress is rapidly emerging as a de facto standard in Web content management. So what can we expect down the road, and what will it mean for online-tech decision makers?

Capturing the Scope of the Project

Requirements are the lifeblood of any project. Communication with team members and the customer is key, and must be well thought out, well planned out, and – especially for larger projects – well documented. But good, detailed, and complete requirements are just as important – if not more so – because the amount of re-work [...]

Are PM Best Practices Any Different for Web Development Projects?

Web projects can be their own animals sometimes.  Their own process.  Customers tends to come at them differently, the urgency can be different – sometimes much greater with a shorter timeframe expectation than a typical enterprise application development or implementation project.  The projects can range from simple corporate websites to mission-critical intranet applications or, in [...]

Microsoft’s Y2K-Style Azure Outage

“Office365” states it very clearly – it would appear that the Microsoft SLA doesn’t take into account leap years, as we discovered last Wednesday. Customers lost access to Azure at 1:45 a.m GMT, February 28 due to an outage that lasted for the following 36 hours, apparently caused by a bug that has been traced [...]

IBM-DemandTec Merger is another Push towards the Big Data Cloud

IBM definitely falls under the category of a traditional vendor adapting to new trends in the IT world. Big data analytics is one of those trends; a rapidly-growing industry where the Big Blue is gradually growing thanks to, among other things, an aggressive M&A strategy. The company acquired Algorithmics and i2 this year alongside its [...]

Apple’s foothold in the Enterprise

We’ve all been witnesses to the fuss that has been surrounding the mobile industry since 2007, when the original iPhone was launched. This phenomenon has clearly seeped to the enterprise as a part of a broader trend the industry often refers to as the consumerisation of IT. And naturally, the people at Apple (alongside Google [...]

Office 365: Microsoft’s Leap into the Cloud Continues

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the cloud lately, and last month Microsoft made a milestone decision. The software giant rolled out a web-based version of its flagship Office productivity software in 40 countries, thus offering a very good combo of an already established product and the usual benefits that come with cloud [...]

Enterprise Content Management: An introduction to the key players

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems manage corporate data on a larger scale than other ‘community’ offerings such as WordPress can handle, and improve the workflow for its users. This segment, which spans way beyond just web content management by handling corporate data throughout its entire lifecycle forms a multibillion market, is serviced by a great [...]

Cloud Player and Cloud Drive Boost the Music Industry, Following a Trend

It’s official – we’ve established that the cloud is disruptive for just about every industry. Not every industry, but Amazon’s introduction of Cloud Playerand Cloud Drive has certainly added the multibillion dollar music segment to our list. The newly launched Cloud Player and Cloud drive are two directly integrated personal cloud offerings, which put a [...]