The Gravity Forms API


This is the third tutorialĀ in a series of postĀ for developers on the Gravity Forms API/developer platform. You can find the first two here: 1. An introduction to the Gravity Forms developer platform 2. Gravity Forms API case study: Approvals Contents Introduction Security WordPress Cookie Authentication External clients: signature authentication Authorisation Routing Sample Code Create a […]

Load Gravity Forms via AJAX

If you read my post last week, which demonstrates how to display Gravity Forms in WordPress admin pages, it may have got you thinking about all the possibilities it opens up. Perhaps you realised that it’s also possible to load Gravity Forms via WordPress AJAX since that also runs in the admin context. Of course […]

WordPress beyond an App Engine

  This afternoon at WordCamp Europe 2014, Matt Mullenweg again highlighted the progression of WordPress from a blogging platform, through CMS, to an App Engine and in the future he said, who knows what it might become. This my thought-experiment attempt at answering Matt’s rhetorical question. WordPress has constantly lowered barriers. First, as a blogging […]